We’re proud to run the finest Mexican restaurant in Austin, TX. People come from all around to sample the excellent Mexican food on our menus, each dish prepared by skilled chefs who use only the best ingredients.

Authentic Mexican food is one of the most popular kinds of food in the United States today, with millions enjoying its mix of spicy flavors. Mexican breakfast specials, Mexican lunch specials, and Mexican dinner specials are all available for our patrons.

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Great Mexican food is our specialty. If you want to try our unforgettable meals, you should pay us a visit at Las Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant.

Below is an interview with Juventino Ponce, which was published in the Casseroles. We would love to share the fun and great information about Las Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant and how it began.

"Juventino Ponce arrived 44 years ago to America seeking 'drop anchor' to settle as the astute businessman he is. And he did, thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit and genuine merchant, Texas, where he was 'lurking' for a long time. And it was Austin, a city in full swing by then, which hosted its restaurant.

Your life has always revolved between restaurant business? From an early age I liked the trade. At age 21, I had my first business and was called El Farolito. I was in Mexico City and from that time I started as a trader, but at 17, I was coming to America. I returned to work and invest in business to Mexico. My country, byt that time, there lived a 'golden age,' because what was invested was doubled and so I made my business.

Of all the business he has undertaken, is the restaurant of your forte? If, restaurants have been my forte in business. Here in Austin opened several restaurants and then sold them already accredited. People liked as driving, the decor, but above all the food and menu. So I started looking for a different place. At that time very few authentic Mexican restaurants, 'race' was settling just around here. At first, I lived in Lampasas and very few Mexicans who had in those parts. I had the idea of putting a restaurant and a permanent stay with him, because he had already had experience with otheres and sensed that this was the final, until I founded The Pans in Austin. From here, I'm not moving.

The name is very original and well decorated. The name (The Pans) reminds me of my mother and grandmother always cooking in pots... and the food came out very delicious! I had other restaurants with names like La Parrilla, and thought of repeating that name, but I felt good and sounded competition neither could do because it was not legal. So I decided to pay homage to the food of my mother and grandmothers and put the pots. The decor is due because I follow the tradition of potosinos places. All this hanging objects of our culture, pasting photos and colors, are part of our Mexican heritage of that region (Potosi). To say that the floor was painted red, and I had to paint it every year once or twice, until changed by a slab and people called me. Customers did not feel in the same place and the clientele... but got used.

Althought it has a wide variety on the menu, their focus is food Potosi. Although our menu has about 60 dishes, our specialty dishse are potosinos. But in the letter for everyone. Prepare delicious grilled, enchiladas, and a variety of dishes with Mexican food tradition. We are also experts in Rio Verde enchiladas and grilled meats.

There are already several years in the business. We have 14 years in this place and we have all kinds of customers. Americans are permanent customers and Hispanics or say. Both eat in public beacuse they think it's Casseroles are in Mexico, where the flavor and makes them return.

Do you remember any illustrious visitor? Have been several, including politicians, atheletes and comedians. I had a very special story with "Paquita Le del Barrio." She liked the decor, but especially the tables, especially the tablecloths, and asked me where I had gotten. He wanted to take all! My answer was that in Mexico, and I remembered that I bought the plastic tablecloths rolls. I went to pay and I said that gave them away, but I asked him to put on their tables. And so, because mothers day went to Mexico City to visit my mother and Paquita to the restaurant... and th tables were decorated with tableclothes I gave!

What makes a successful restaurant Pans? According to my experience in restaurants, is that I follow the client's taste. They are th ones who, with the passage of time and get in the habit of eating again, we say that they like. Preserving tradition Mexican cooking in pots, and so our food feels and tastes like homemade, is also part of our success.

What is your message to the people now that turns 14? I invite the 'race' to give a pass through Las Pans, who come to enjoy the enchiladas potosinas, the Rio Verde, accompanied by a good cold beers, or Mexican beverages, all accompanied by good music jukebox. They also have the roast and an extensive menu that brings the best food in town. Prepare some fajitas never forget. It is a 14-year tradition of good service and exquisite taste.

The exquisite and traditional Mexican food tastes better in casseroles. If your grandmother ever served nice and warm food and never forgets that homemade taste, because maybe it was cooked in a pan. That memory is what this Juventino Ponce, owner of the restaurant's tradiitonal Pans, who to preserve the tradition of Mexican food named with this original name to one of the many restaurants tha has had. In November, Casseroles Mexican Restaurant celebrates 14 years delighting flavored, a varied menu and traditional decor that keeps Don Juvenito."

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